Friends of the Elk River...
The Elk River has many “friends” who have worked for years organizing volunteers to clean up litter in the river and keep its banks free of trash. The “Elk River Clean Up” movement has made it possible for the Elk River to gain the designation of a West Virginia Water Trail.  The Elk River Water Trail Group acknowledges their vision, pride, hard work and dedication. We share your vision and the pride you have in the Elk River.

Who is the Elk River Water Trail Group?
Regional partners from Braxton, Clay and Kanawha Counties with one shared goal: improving the quality of life by making the Elk River more accessible from the Sutton Lake tail waters to its confluence with the Kanawha River in Charleston.  The Elk River Water Trail creates recreational, health and wellness opportunities for all who use it. The Elk River Water Trail Group is committed to promoting and enhancing the ecotourism and recreational opportunities
on the Elk River by making the river and our tourism region more attractive to people who like to canoe and kayak. At the same time, encouraging responsible use of the river while being mindful and protective of the natural environment.

Elk River Water Trail Group:
Braxton County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Central Appalachia Empowerment Zone
Clay County Economic Development
Clay Family Resources Network
Elk River Clean Up
Mountain State Clean Streams, Inc.
Town of Sutton
Wildlife Resources
WV Division of Environmental Protection
Wildlife Resources, WV DNR
West Virginia Department of Transportation

In Partnership with...
Braxton Citizens News ~ Braxton County Rotary Club
Braxton County High School Vocational Technical Class
Cafe Cimino Country Inn ~ Clay County Lions Club
Tamara and Steve Hoffman ~ Beverly and JR Keener
Skidmore Development, Inc. ~ Summit Media
The Coal River Group
West Virginia Army Corps of Engineers, Sutton

Skip Johnson - “The Best Friend the Elk Ever Had”
Ask any West Virginia fishing enthusiast about who they consider the utmost authority on fishing the Elk River and it’s likely they’ll tell you it was Braxton County nativeand West Virginia outdoor writer and author, Skip Johnson. A man who spent his life advocating for and promoting his beloved Elk River. He shared his love and deep knowledge of the Elk River in books and articles he wrote for Wonderful West Virginia Magazine. Skip gladly shared fishing tips about when and where to fish the Elk. His advice was, and still is highly regarded.  Thank You Skip Johnson...We will forever be grateful for the contributions you made to promoting the Elk River!