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From a tiny trickle of its headwaters in the heart of West Virginia to its confluence with the Kanawha River at Charleston, the Elk River meanders 180 miles through forests, farmland and small towns. It is the longest river located entirely within the borders of West Virginia.
The Elk River Water Trail is within a day’s drive of much of the eastern United States. The drive is interstate all the way, unless you choose to take scenic back roads to reach West Virginia. Either way, as you get within two hours of the The Elk River Water Trail, you’ll find yourself driving through some of the most beautiful scenic mountains in the Appalachian Region. The Elk River Water Trail begins in the geographic center of the state. West Virginia is nearly 90% forested, our rivers and mountains are inviting and peaceful and our people are warm and friendly.
The Elk River Water Trail begins at the tailwaters of the Sutton Dam (I-79 Exit 62) and continues through three counties: Braxton, Clay and Kanawha.The Water Trail has 12 Primary Access Locations and 5 Proposed Sites which are conveniently located close to Interstate 79 exits 1 through 62. The Water Trail exits are marked with signage and all 12 Primary Sites have Elk River Water Trail signage and information kiosks.
WV’s Biological Treasure...The Elk River, often called “the best all-in-one river in West Virginia” is recognized among biologists for its exceptional diversity of fish as well as being home to rare invertebrates, including a crayfish found nowhere else in the world.
Elk River Water Trail Access Locations:
*Proposed sites
Sutton Dam Tailwaters
lat 38.661338 lon -80.696872  /  Stonewall Street, Sutton WV 26601
Cafe Cimino
lat 38.664010 lon -80.704174  /  616 Main Street, Sutton WV 26601

lat 38.659501 lon -80.769901  /  1334 State Street, Gassaway WV 26624
Sugar Creek Baptist Church
lat 38.657321 lon -80.802878 /  2409 Elk River Rd., Gassaway, WV 26624
Frametown Bridge
lat 38.635583 lon -80.864857 / 
*Strange Creek Bridge
lat 38.566919 lon -80.897900
*Consolidated Coal
lat 38.586858 lon -80.9364761
lat 38.582676 lon -80.937581
Mary Chilton Roadside Park
lat 38.499755 lon -81.065908
King Shoals
lat 38.504732 lon -81.232135
Queen Shoals
lat 38.472008 lon -81.283631
Blue Creek
lat 38.449399 lon -81.456232
lat 38.490464 lon -81.330125
Mink Shoals
lat 38.395587 lon -81.330125
Coonskin Park
lat 38.389236 lon -81.584101
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