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Explore the real-life inspirations behind many of the settings, stories, and creatures found in Fallout 76. Click below for specific information about each inspiration as well as handy travel info you'll need to navigate your way around West Virginia! We recommend starting in Braxton County, the center of the state, which should act as a good jumping off point for many of the locations and subjects found in Fallout 76. This also guarantees for maximum enjoyment of West Virginia's scenic beauty! Braxton County is also home to The Flatwoods Monster, one of the in-game enemies in Fallout 76. Fall might be the best time of year to plan your trip. The autumn colors, fair weather, and smaller crowds will add value to your trip. However, any time is a good time to be in West Virginia! Find accommodations info HERE. Are you flying for your visit? We recommend flying into Pittsburgh Airport, in Pittsburgh, PA.

If we forgot anything, let us know at info (a) braxtonwv dot org. For a Google Map with all these locations already plotted, CLICK HERE.

  • Flatwoods Monster
  • Mothman
  • Grafton Monster
  • Fort Defiance
  • Mega Sloth
  • New River Gorge
  • State Capitol
  • Whitesprings Resort (Greenbrier Resort)
  • Camden Park
  • Eastern Regional Penitentiary
  • Vault-Tec University (Woodburn Hall)
  • Cranberry Bog
  • Pleasant View Lighthouse
  • Helvetia, West Virginia
  • Suggested Accommodations
  • Pittsburgh Airport

Fallout 76 - Google Map

Find a Google map below with all locations and creatures plotted for your convenience. Expand map for more detail. To access map directly through Google CLICK HERE.